Friday, 24 December 2010

DWZI / this week i saw...

our christmas tree appear - finally!
the kids & i bought it at a farm nearby, where they charge you a fortune
but that doesn't matter
they serve a cup of mulled wine with it........ just the ticket!

we took it home & decorated it

i know these things are kitsch, of course
but for some reason i like to do this sort of thing in style
at the very least there has to be a colour theme
this year i decided on blue, purple & silver

hmm. last year i managed

but try that with a 4- and a 5- year old

how could i possibly refuse when they looked at me with those big blue eyes, pleading to add:

eldest's art work from her birthday party;
youngest's art work from his little school
oma's hand made bauble
my own oma's tiny little magic neverending book, which she went out & bought for us herself, despite her age and immobility, at a christmas market
and best of all, the tractor and blocks
oh well - it's christmas, after all
the nice thing was - i also came across this in my box with christmas decorations:
a little angel
a present from her
she bought it for me when we were in paris last year
this angel has a brother or sister
who i suspect lives in her tree at present Smiley

so now our christmas tree is ready

look at those presents - not everything is quite there yet
the postie cannot get to our house because of the snow
he has about 80% of all the christmas presents i bought
(i do this sort of thing online)

but at least here there is no premature unwrapping of gifts! yes you know who i mean! Smiley

finally the stockings needed to go up - oma made them - and lists needed to be written for Father Christmas

my girl would really like a Father Christmas hat

my boy saw me gift-wrapping a book for his cousin

'sharing' and 'generosity' don't really feature in his vocabulary

so now he's asking for
the same book

oh well. at least they've both written 'please'!


  1. Zo lief, die handgeschreven brieven aan Father Christmas! Hele fijne dagen!

  2. Dat ziet er gezellig uit, fijne dagen..

  3. Ja hoor, het zusje van jouw engel hangt, dicht in de buurt van die giga-kitcherige eiffeltoren met kerstkrant om z'n hals :-) Onze boom is sinds we kinderen hebben altijd kermis, hoera! Hele fijne dagen -x-

  4. Wij hebben onze boom sinds een uur in huis, sneeuwstorm getrotseerd. Brrrr. Zoontje gaat de boom versieren maar ik hoop stiekem dat ie niet geïnteresseerd is ;-). Merry Christmas x