Thursday, 19 July 2012

instrumental tuition annual report 2011-2012

'Eldest has been a delight to teach this year. She is by far the smallest bass player I have ever taught but she is certainly meeting the challenge head on and plays with enthusiasm and true determination! etc etc etc excellent excellent good good excellent...'


'I look forward to seeing Eldest in orchestra next term'

so tonight we had a beaming eldest :-)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

tools of the trade

it's that time of year again - presents for the teachers. my friend A. kindly collected £218 from all parents and proposed to buy £60 vouchers for the 3 teachers plus £20 each for the 2 teaching assistants plus £18 to spend on thank you cards (don't get me started on the English & their cards) & gift bags. the email has gone out to all parents but apparently i'm the only one entering into a correspondence with her about how the numbers don't add up and how to split the funds otherwise. it ends in a phone call - £50 each for the teachers, £25 each for the TAs and then a bit for gift bags and cards. Sorted. A. says that's why they made me a professor and her redundant. Yeah right.

Conversation turns to my children. I try not to, but sometimes i still do, worry how their unfavourable circumstances might impact on their happiness as they grow up. they're happy enough now, but what if / when they're teenagers and..... etc. At which point, A. reminds & silences me. of course in an ideal world you want to shield them from anything bad - but that's not possible. the human race is very resilient. my children are incredibly grounded and sensible. so - as a mother i provide stability and give them the tools of the trade for coping with life as it happens - and i have just entered into a life changing thing that will create even more stability. chances are, they'll be fine. 

we made a pact. i'll check her numbers, she'll provide my wisdom. sounds like the perfect deal to me :-)

Saturday, 7 July 2012


ideale oma

i can cycle without stabilisers
 ideale peettante
 het is geheel wederzijds... heus!
i'm a super goalie!