Saturday, 4 December 2010

Bad Mother's Dilemma...

1) daughter-dear has been ill for a week. surprise surprise, now it's her brother's turn.
2) i'm a Bad Mother because i had completely forgotten to have his sheep costume ready for the nativity play dress rehearsal last thursday.

so i've quickly cut some extra holes in a pillow case, found a shower cap, ordered 3 bags of cotton wool with the grocery delivery tomorrow, got some spray glue - all set to have him in a sheep costume by sunday night. the nativity play will be performed monday - thursday.

he'll be ill.
but no one would notice.

whereas my daughter is always really poorly, my son is just tired at 5 instead of 8 o'clock. who would bother taking his temperature? and also i can keep that down until about midday with ibuprofen.

AND i've missed 4 days at work last week already because of daughter-dear


of course, i'll keep him at home.

will make the flppn sheep costume just in case

i like winter - but why o why does it have to bring us so many bugs?!


  1. 't zit niet mee hè. sterkte & beterschap!

  2. Ha! not bad at all!

    1) rehearsals are designed and ment to be wakeup-calls. You dit meet all expectations on this one very well!

    2) you missing 4 days AT work surely doesn't mean you missing 4 days OF work. You've lived the 'new way of working' last week. It's main features being the use of an odd timetable for working hours combined with higher productivity. Again you've proved to be hip, modern and flexible.

    (Any nuances on the left and right hand can be ignored. Nuances are sooooooo 90's.)

    Good luck and lots of Vitamin-C next week!

  3. @'t stamphaus: yes nou voel ik me ineens een stuk beter :-)