Monday, 6 February 2012


absolutely shattered i was on saturday and very tempted to go out for a meal rather than cooking for my two little ones. however - i decided not to give in to temptation. we're going skiing next week and no doubt will have a few treats then, so we should save our pennies.

next thing i know, youngest asks me, totally out of the blue, 'mummy, can we go out for a meal tonight?'

(we hardly ever go out for a meal. literally. only when we're on holiday, and perhaps once or twice during the year)

how tempting to say 'you know what, i had just been thinking exactly the same!' - what fun, and not at all unlike me, but as it happens i had my 'responsible adult' hat on & decided to explain about saving pennies. 

'but mummy, you can always go to the bank!'

so then i explained about how pennies get into the bank and cooked them a lovely supper

sunday morning, i was lying in bed listening to their activities, wondering what they were up to. at some point, they got me out of bed. 'mummy, we made you a treasure hunt!'

which they had. they had emptied their piggy banks, hidden the money in my study, drawn a map and read the map for me to lead the way to my treasure. 'so you have a few more pennies, mummy'

(oops! do you think i overdid it...?)