Friday, 30 September 2011

DWZI / this week i saw...

a smiley face! (or... spelling III)

De DWZIdeelnemers van deze week
vind je hier

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011


eldest is in year 2 now and that means homework. spelling, to be precise. she gets a list home on friday, to be practised over the week. test on thursday. if she's done well, there is a next set of words that friday.

the first set of words was

ok, i thought. because will be tricky (she usually spells it 'becos') but the rest is a doddle

then i forgot all about it.
well, sort of.
just busy, you know. i see them for breakfast and for bath & story time and denial is a wonderful thing. the weekend was spent at their cousin's birthday. that sort of thing. i'm a last-minute mummy.

wednesday night, panic hit. gaaaaahhh gotta do that spelling. right. 'how do you spell after?'


oh dear. ok. let's sit down and do spelling instead of story time this evening. she just loved spelling 'because' and got it right every time.

next morning, we drive to school, cheerfully practising the words again (eldest, cheerful; mother, quietly frantic), she gets them all.

you're soooo clever eldest!
yes i'm soooo clever aren't i mummy?! i can tell Mrs L i am sooooooooo clever! i learnt all my spelling in just one day!
(no darleenk you don't tell her that bit)

she has been given a next set of words
we have already managed to practice... twice...Smiley

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


the kids each had their own bowl for mussel shells when they had their supper this evening. eldest took one disapproving look at youngest's bowl, poked me in the side as a real confidante and said 'that cow has horns mummy but that's not really true is it - cows don't have horns do they mummy'.


i hadn't even noticed that.

probably they're just yellow ears though - what do you think?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

terug van weg geweest

jaja we zijn alweer drie weken terug en al het bruin is er al weer af. maarrrrrrrrrrrrr ik wou u toch niet onthouden hoe jongste heel netjes heeft geleerd dat, als je een ober wilt roepen, je niet roept van 'oi!' of met je vingers gaat knippen of anderszins vulgair gedrag - nee, je gaat proberen zijn blik te vangen met een vriendelijke glimlach. zie hieronder het effect (wel effe 't geluid aanzetten svp):
(in Dutch, this time, because the commentary is in Dutch - basically this is youngest politely trying to catch the waiter's attention - without whistling, waving, or otherwise vulgar behaviour)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

surf's up!

plans to go camping & take up kite surfing turned into a girls’ weekend in a luxury apartment in cornwall with (ordinary) surfing on the side. i’m a wuss, have never been surfing before & can’t even fly a kite in my backyard. do you reckon those girls knew my hopes for kite surfing are basically non-existent…?
those lurvely girls organised it all so i could literally just collapse into a fluffy comfortable bed having caught the last train from heathrow (just, despite industrial action. hurrah!). walked in to find my bedroom signposted and dry white in the fridge. woke up to a gorgeous walk along the beach, only to find freshly squeezed orange juice & croissants out & ready upon our return  

(look! there's a big one!)

were we put off by the size of those waves...?

 i don’t think so!!!

hurrah! same again this friday then?Smiley