Thursday, 7 July 2011

starry eyes

this evening i had a gala dinner. frantically busy at work, and the kids were being looked after by their dad this afternoon, so i literally flew home to change into my long dress only to fly out again straight away. quick kiss on juniors' heads........

well, that was the plan anyway.

eldest was wide awake in bed, determined to tell me her news. tomorrow she is going to spend a day in year 2. she proceeded to tell me every little bit of detail, a minute-by-minute account of what will happen on the day plus how to handle any eventualities. Just one example: if you happen to be at the back of the line up, and assembly has not yet finished, then you are allowed to go past the people and go into year 2. but at the beginning of the day the year 1 teacher will start by taking everyone into year 1 as normal. etc etc etc. the monologue went on for at least 15 minutes. i have to say i was grateful for the fact i did not miss out on all this by being home late from work; that she had actually waited & wanted to tell me all the details. however i must confess that at some point during her story i started to undress.

so then she asked whether she could see me once i was dressed up. my dress tonight was literally a very old, cheap & cheerful long but brightly (starry eye blue as it happens) coloured dress that i bought about 15 years ago. thankfully it still works wonders. i walked into eldest's bedroom before i left and did a little twirl. kids don't lie do they? her face lit up; she clearly approved. starry eyes, totally in love with such a beautiful mother. (somehow failing to see bags under my eyes, cellulite on my legs, belly fat, spotty skin, or any of my other flaws)

and youngest asked me whether he could please sleep in my bed tonight - which he could (and i look forward to joining him in an hour or so once i manage to send off my blmn grant proposal).

i'd like my kids to get very old. but for the time being i really enjoy them being this age!

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