Wednesday, 20 July 2011


every morning i take a latte into work in my wonderful thermos from Starbucks (best thermos ever. keeps my coffee lovely hot & tasting as if it has been freshly made for 2 whole hours! have tried about 20,000 other thermos' and none of them are any good. everyone just has to have this one. best £15 i ever spent).

on two mornings each week, my kids have breakfast club. it gives me an opportunity to be at my desk by 8am and the kids like it as long as they can scooter to school on the other 3 mornings.

breakfast club means - leave the house at 7.20. that means mega-efficient mornings: up at the first sound of the alarm at 6:30, shower, entice the kids to wake up & get dressed, brush teeth, quick quick quick, make their packed lunches, woops in the car & to school.

dunno wot it's like with your young ones, but mine don't do quick quick quick, especially not that early in the morning and especially not if they know i want to get out the door & breakfast club etc. of course - there are ways. so i have this rule that the first who is ready is allowed to make my latte and if they're slow then i'll do it myself. usually youngest wins that contest.

on this occasion, eldest really went for it. mega proud she was that she could make me my latte. and, because she was so quick, it actually turned out that i was the last one to be ready this morning. oops! can't really cope with that sort of thing. so........ rushed out, into the car, on the way to school. late again!

i soon realised i'd forgotten my latte. that should give you a clue exactly how rushed i was - i'm pretty dependent on the stuff. so i went: ooooooooooops! wot? said the kids - by then i had realised my mistake but of course it was too late & i had to 'fess up. 'forgot my latte......' i said (thinking, what is more of a time waster, buying myself one at the university or reversing on this horrid curvy single traffic lane with a trench and hedges both sides, about 2 miles all the way back home - i'll buy one at the uni) 'oh well, will have to do without today'.

at this, eldest's bottom lip began to tremble severely. 'but i made it for you!'

no arguing with that, i tell you. i didn't even try. i reversed all the way back, and doubly enjoyed my latte, knowing it had been so lovingly prepared by my little girl.


  1. achgossie, nou proost dan maar :-)

  2. oooo wat lief!! en goed afgericht, die kinders van jou: ik ga die van mij ook snel leren koffie zetten voor mams :-)