Wednesday, 6 April 2011

the ugly troll

in youngest's musical, he was given the role of the ugly troll. the little darleenk totally relies on my organisational skills - up to a point. when i had not submitted his costume to the school by the deadline, he chanted on an hourly basis 'mummy don't forget i really need a cushion!' 'mummy i really need my binoculars!' yes....... costumes are not my forte........

the instructions also included a check shirt. hmm. i'm sure i have one in one of the bin-liners filled with hand-me-downs from his cousins that i never get around to sorting out. question was whether i'd have the energy & be able to find it upon my return from the wrong airport in the middle of the night.

Iopted for peace of mind at the seafood bar with a glass of sancerre, airport-bought designer shirt safely in bag and in the knowledge that i will have water&bread for supper for the rest of the month. 

today he got to show it off. 

watch out for the troll.............

'i'm coming to gobble you up!' 

not very convincing, i'm afraid.... far too cute!