Wednesday, 13 April 2011

never too young to learn.......

.......about empty nest syndrome! the kids have a 2.5-week Easter holiday. i have to work and i have to travel (florence... hey ho, there are worse places, right?!) so they're spending their days having lots of fun at oma & opa's. over the phone, full of excitement they chat to me about their various adventures. they had a very long bath, they changed the bandage, they fed the goats, they drew dot-to-dot and eldest could even go all the way up to 100 with that (mummy! after 99 comes 100! i can count to 100!!), they fed the goats again, they both sleep in oma & opa's bedroom (not in the same bed mummy, but next to each other. so 'gezellig'!). youngest surprises me by showing an interest in what i am up to: 'are you at work? or are you at home?'

it gives me such peace of mind they are safe and happy. this empty nest syndrome is easily cured: i will fill it with easter eggs to take to the netherlands when i collect my babies :-)


  1. Twee en halve week pfoe dat is ook niet niks. Sterkte de komende weken, en veel plezier in Florence (meid wat heb je toch een "akelige" baan.....)