Wednesday, 27 April 2011


at our sleepover address, eldest and youngest were each given two easter eggs - hard boiled eggs that the kids had been allowed to stick stickers on. in no time, youngest's had been munched up but eldest carefully held them in her fine-and-gross-motor-skills-deficient paws in the car all the way home (well, almost). so.... one disappeared under the passenger seat. for the life of me, i could not see it, feel it, smell it (yet!). i moved the seat backward, forward, backward again, until....
oh dear! and eldest was inconsolable....Smiley  

so today we went on an easter egg sticker hunt, boiled six eggs, and eldest happily decorated them full with stickers.

she has this habit of taking special things to bed with her..... so when i was absent-mindedly running the bath, all of a sudden i heard an incredible howling downstairs

the poor thing had thought she could take them upstairs in their egg cups, all at the same time of course, blissfully unaware of motor skills fine or otherwise

when she had calmed down she said (still sniffing): 'when we buy our new house mummy, we must buy a house with a really soft carpet'