Thursday, 30 May 2013

it's 11:30

we're moving house. the new place is a bit dark, so I'm having sky lights put in and am arranging it all in between the rest of life i.e. perhaps too efficiently & without getting proper references & all that

'residential' - that's too small a job for the fitters who come recommended by the sky light company, so they recommend someone else.

someone else conveniently also happens to know a roofer, a plumber, a plasterer and an electrician. brilliant. unfortunately, whenever i ask the question about costs he's a bit evasive.

me: 'right. so just to be clear I can count on the following - you all charge very reasonable rates, you're extremely reliable, show up when you say you'll show up and you're all extremely goodlooking, are you?'

someone else: 'sure. we're not here to make money out of you'

(me: 'yes you are' someone else: 'OK I admit - we can't do this entirely for free')

someone else: 'i suggest you put the diet coke in the fridge, let us get on with the job and you can decide which of us is the best looking'



i suppose i asked for that....

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