Tuesday, 6 March 2012


interesting how kids go through phases. for a long time youngest has been keen to test the boundaries. recently, he has been eager to be 'my little ray of sunshine', bursting with energy, bouncing up and down, and on top of that he knows the boundaries & sticks inside them. such a delight!

this evening he asks me 'mama, what do you think was my biggest hurt ever?'

i don't need to think twice. 'when you hurt your toe.'

big smile. clearly that was the correct answer. 

a bit later, i take him to bed. tigger bounces on the bed as usual, and i do my routine 'now be careful, don't jump....... oh!!'


he has decided to dive face flat into his pillow - except he ends up diving face flat on his head board.

poor little boy!! he just lies there very still, trying to recover, holding his tears, being brave. 

when he finally decides he can speak again, he looks up, face as white as a sheet, and asks: mama, do you think this is now my biggest hurt ever?

thankfully there is no blood and, contrary to youngest's claims, no cracked open skull. only a big head bump. i cannot help but smile. 'no, i think the toe incident still wins'