Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cake day

Does such a thing exist in the Netherlands? Welcome to the UK – the fattest population in Europe.

Friday is my youngest's first cake day. Just in case such a thing does not exist in the Netherlands: it’s a fund-raising initiative; every Friday one year group at school is responsible for bringing in some (ideally home-made) cakes, which are then sold after school to celebrate the start of the weekend. The proceeds fund some little extra (books or other educationally sound stuff) in the class of the year group who brought in the cakes. 
Unlike my eldest, who will lovingly copy me as I slap myself on the head, do a big ‘oh dear!’, shrug my shoulders and agree a cheerful ‘Little Miss Forgetful!’, my youngest has been beaming at me all week that it’s his class’ cake day.

For various reasons I’ve actually taken the kids out of school this Friday. Still - I love my son so here we are, Thursday 11pm, and the second lot of cakes has just been taken out of the AGA:

We will decorate them tomorrow morning and drop them off at school before we set off for the Netherlands -armed with Fluffy, because we’ll be staying in this lovely little hotel on the way.

Impossible to find, needless to say free smileys


  1. 1 cakeje bwaren voor mij??? ('k Weet het, ik meld me te laat.)Goeie reis, fijne week en tot zaterdag!

  2. @fienke: sorry......... te laat! maar we bakken nieuwe. xxx

  3. Die cakes zitten helemaal ingebakken in de cultuur van Engeland, hè!
    Waar worden ze nu het dikst van?
    The Fastfood, sunday roast of zoetigheden?