Tuesday, 28 September 2010

krentenbol, tea cake or grumpy git?

My friend tells me that if she can set up a blog in 5 minutes i can do it in three. Well - she's wrong. There is this hurdle of - a name. Het leven is een krentenbol, i think and of course the name krentenbol has already been taken by some grumpy g*t who claims life is not such a thing and has not written on his blog since 2008. Spruitjes, then? (sprouts - the smell of which is referred to in another Dutch expression) This is taken, too and i decide to go for the positive krentenbol statement but what the h*ck is that again in English...

The internet brings no joy. Raisin bun, currant bun, to me all sound like amateur or google translations. I phone and text my friends, who bought these things the last time i went out for a cup of tea (yes! this is how sad motherhood gets) with them, but given that it is 9.15pm they're not answering so they must be in bed and - more disconcertingly - asleep. They have twins who were born prematurely and one of whom is in a cast to resolve her hip dysplasia. Terribly inconvenient for someone trying to set up a blog.

I know - check out the bakery section of the online supermarket i use. Hurrah! It's a tea cake, of course :-) How could i forget...

Gawd. Now inserting the image - why does that take 4bl**dy-ever? Tried jpg, gif, bmp, urls & conclude it's all hopeless and i need my mates to help me post flpn pictures. Give that girl a PhD. Refuse to be beaten by a computer and have about 20,000 more attempts. Wisely (?) decide life is too short and my 'friend' (the one about the 3 minutes, yeah right) is not going to get away with it this easily. 23.11pm, ready to post my first blog and not quite as immensely proud of self as i would have been had i managed that photograph. Hey ho, still it took me less than 3 hours :-)

Next mission: blog etiquette. Mega phew. Time for a peppermint tea (image to follow)