Monday, 7 October 2013


where we used to live, eldest had a bestie. she was in the other class and at break time the girl who finished first would wait at the other's classroom until they were released. eldest and her bestie would then hold hands as they walked to lunch or the playground together - they were inseparable.

last weekend, i needed a haircut so -as you do- we went back to where we used to live and the kids had arranged their sleepovers. precious grown-up time for mummy and catching up with besties for the babies. counting down the number of nights left till last saturday started when it was first arranged in the middle of august. come last friday, our excitement just couldn't be contained any longer.

then..... eldest started throwing up. it lasted the entire weekend and she can still barely keep a sip of water in. the poor girl was inconsolable: 'now i've been counting down the days till i started throwing up instead of the days till my sleepover at bestie's!'

youngest on the other hand agreed 'he was allowed on top' in his girlfriends bunk bed. when bedtime came and her mother suggested she read them a story, youngest asked 'can we just talk?' only to then correct himself and suggest 'in fact, can we both read the same book and then talk about the book - can we do a book club?'

gawd. scarred for life....  


  1. Och arme oudste! (En arme moeder ook wel.) Gingen jullie toch?

  2. @fien: yes we gingen toch, en nu heeft hun junior ook het virus.... :-/ errug he. 4 dagen geen hap gegeten en elk slokje water uitgespuugd.... zielig he....... en egoistische moeder he.....

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