Tuesday, 17 April 2012

moving home procrastination

we're moving home tomorrow & thursday. from a massive house with 5 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms and 16 acres to a bungalow about 1/10th the size with a postage-stamp garden. i am looking forward to it. the new house has a nice feel to it, gorgeous views, the kids are mega-excited, and everything is newly painted and lovely.

because of the 'downsizing', as the english call it, i have been decluttering like a madwoman (and nobody signed up for my moving home giveaway, can you believe it??). result: the house is a total bombsite. OK - tons of clothes & toys & furniture have disappeared but does my house look any tidier for it? nope! i have nowhere to sit, so far so good, but the floors are covered with sorting out piles, sorted out piles, and 'also to move' piles. i haven't even started work on the shed yet. still - i collected the keys to the new place this morning & am fairly optimistic i'll find a home for all my stuff.

the removals men are due here at 9 am tomorrow morning. 3 more cupboards to empty & sort as well as the shed. however, behind me, in the fridge a glass of dry white whispers my name & my tummy is rumbling in the knowledge of the fillet steak, salad & skinny french fries that are on the menu... 9am is very late. that gives me at least 2 hours of sorting between grown-ups' waking up time & children's waking up time tomorrow morning. i have a 'flow' subscription to sort out for the new house, a log to post, plans to make...



  1. Good luck hope it all goes well and smoothly, wising you every happiness in your new home, our good wishes go with you. Love and best wishes K and D x

  2. Helft van de stapels inmiddels over?
    Denk aan je,