Sunday, 2 January 2011

stood up

today, friends were to come over for an early supper with their kids. messages had been exchanged last night to check & confirm everyone was still up for meeting up. so, today i spent cooking
Yotam Ottolenghi's Brussels sprouts with caramelised garlic and lemon peel - takes forever, but it is totally worth the effort. also, it is meant to be served at room temperature so you can make it in advance. i kept the chili on the side, to add for the adults once the kids had helped themselves
i also cooked jamie's crunchy thai salad (without the noodles) - kept the spicy ginger, chili & herb dressing to the side again
i made a tarte tatin,
and finally i defrosted 2 monkfish tails so i could make nigella's roast monkfish

3pm - all ready to go, just needed to load the dishwasher and then we'd be ready to receive & entertain our guests.
then... the telephone went. would i prefer to come to theirs? (no thanks - was polite enough not to mention i'd just spent 4 hours in the kitchen preparing their meal)

then the 'phone went again. actually - if i didn't mind, they'd give it a miss. today is a bit hectic. but i should definitely come to supper at theirs any evening this week.Smiley  


  1. Hi CdeV

    Maybe it was the Brussels Sprouts that kept them? Or the smell of it. It carries quite far you know ;-).

    No sorry, all lookes very nice and tasty, even the sprouts. And we KNOW your jamie's crunchy tastes fabulous! Hope they also read your blog...

    Great new background by the way!

    Bon appetit!

  2. @stamphaus: neeeeeeeeee die lezen mijn blog niet! stel je voor!

  3. What a dissapointment and I would say rude as well they should know that you always provide alovely spread and cook such lovely food. Thank you again for Friday, the fish pie and apple fritters were delicious.